Imagine – 40# on a fly rod!

Atlantic Salmon eggs are laid in a gravel redd in November. The eggs hatch the following spring. Fry grow to parr and leave the river as silver smolt in two to three years. Smolt return to the river one year later as grilse weighing 3 ‐ 6 lbs. Spawners winter over in the river and are known as kelts. These fish return to the sea in spring with the river ice out. Multi‐sea‐winter fish will grow to as large as 40 lbs – the genetic maximum.

Fish Spring, Summer and Fall in Association Pools

The Anglers own two world class pools – The Mill and Green Rocks – within 15 minutes of the lodge. The Anglers also have access to several other private pools and Canadian Crown water.

This provides water that ranges from long pools holding several anglers, to small brook chilled runs to tidal water at the confluence of the Miramichi and Renous rivers. The Bartholomew, Cains and Dungarvin Rivers are all nearby offering still more variety.

The fun starts April 15th with 3 successive week long trips for “black salmon”.  Kelts, after wintering under the ice, begin their migration to sea triggered by the lengthening daylight and warmer water temperatures. Fishing is done from traditional flat bottom boats with big salmon flies. While most won’t compare kelts to the beauty of a fish fresh from the sea, spring fishing has its own unique challenges with the weather and ever changing river conditions. A key benefit of spring fishing is access to the whole river and the chance to hook and release more and larger fish.

Wade the river from May to October to cast bombers and wet flies to sea run brook trout, shad and salmon returning to spawn.  Nothing beats the sound of line peeling off your reel when a bright salmon takes your fly and makes a run downriver.

Anglers fish with the required services of a licensed guide throughout the season.