There are two lodges where sports can stay. The Camp and The Upper Camp.

The Upper and Lower log camps were built in the 1930’s as a fox farm.

Recent upgrades provide comfortable three season living and dining for 12 anglers close to the fishing.

Our Housekeeping and Kitchen staff prepare meals and make up the bedrooms daily.

Food selection varies based on the trip and the shareholder leading the trip. Dietary restrictions and preferences may be accommodated. The kitchen is small and not commercial so, we suggest that people with serious food allergies coordinate for their own food outside of the camp.

eggs or french toast or pancakes, porridge (thin oatmeal), toast, coffee, peanut butter and jelly, milk, a juice – supply dependent, and fried ham

a soup – supply dependent, sandwiches of last nights dinner meat, hard boiled eggs, coffee, tea, a fruit – supply dependent

a vegetable, a starch and a meat. every night is a surprise!